Mary Oliver’s passion is transforming lives by helping people reach their true potential. She has over 30 years experience in professional counseling & life & wellness coaching. Mary uses a holistic approach and combines spirituality, scientific concepts, quantum energy technology, & nutritional supplementation in an approach to align spirit, soul & body.

Mary is licensed under Open Heart Ministry as a Pastoral Holistic Coach and Educator ministering to the whole person. She holds a Pastoral Sciences Doctorate, Doctorate of Naturopathy and Naturopathic Ministry as well as Masters in Professional Counseling Theology.

Open Heart Life is a mission of Open Heart Ministry, a tax-exempt ministry in Washington State—with a team of experts who create educational holistic programs that serve all people who desire transformational content for the well being of spirit, soul and body. We do not treat,  diagnose or cure disease. We are a holistic educational ministry offering online sessions and courses in Bothell, WA .

Dr. E Stephen Saunders of Professional Chiropractic Services,  Michele Saunders of Play2openmusic, and Carol Hartt, our master herbalist, and Veronica Lecheler, office manager are all part of the holistic team at Open Heart Ministry.  Our Board of Directors include Mary, Stephen, Michele, Clare Vellek and Veronica.

We can be reached at

Open Heart Ministry c/o Clare Vellek,

24121 10th Place West in Bothell, Washington 98021

We are actively seeking land to build our healing campus and retreat center.