Scott Ohlgren

Scott Ohlgren

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Scott is the founder of  Synaptic Scientific. He’s owned nutraceutical manufacturing companies since 2007, when he started the world’s first non-caffeinated think drink company, and his Brain Toniq beverage was the first nootropic ever to be sold in Whole Foods. By 2012, over 1,400 health food stores across North America, Europe and Russia were carrying Brain Toniq with over 2.5 million units a year.

Scott graduated from a natural foods school in the ’80s, and wrote three books on the diet-disease/diet-health connection that sold 80,000 hard copies in print. He’s been a keynote speaker on plant-based longevity and done live presentations throughout the world, including Ukraine and Russia. 

Scott’s goal with Synaptic is to create the most potent cognitive and longevity formulas currently on the market, to make a small set of best-in-their-class formulas that have a noticeable, palpable effect on health, and to find a way to price them better than anything else in the marketplace. This decades-long mission will expose more and more people to the power and intelligence of using herbal plants as their main medicine cabinet.

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