PrayerCare Therapy

PrayerCare Therapy Course​

Learn how to use a holistic approach by combining spirituality, science & biology, energy medicine, and nutrition for aligning spirit, soul and body giving you and the people you minister to amazing breakthroughs. You will also have bonuses on the energy centers, essential oils and more. 

Module 1—Spirit Talk

You were created to live in a multi-dimensional realm as Jesus did here on earth. Before the Fall, the garden of Eden was considered the place where heaven and earth intercepted. The gateway was veiled after the Fall. Explore beyond the veil in what is known a the quantum realm of non-locality.

Module 2—Your Secret Mind

Your personal spirit is the container for your secret mind which is known as your subconscious memory, the mind you might be unaware of but has an impact on you and your life choices.

Module 3—The Heart Gateway

All life flows from the issues of the heart. There is a saying that we don't see things as they are, but as we are. You reflect to others the beliefs of your heart.

Module 4—The Stuck Brain

Understanding the spiral of time and how you can unlock your brain systems that may be stuck in time and space.

Module 5—Your Emotional Body

Explore the feelings and emotions of the body and how to locate unresolved issues.

Module 6—It Didn't Start With You

Learn applications for examining generational issues and how to engage in the blessings God intended for you.

PrayerCare Therapy Part 2 Pathways of Light

Module 7—Body Systems

The 12 Pathways of Light discussed and a deep dive into the Governing Pathway and the Central Pathway.

Module 8—Time, Seasons, Emotions, more Body Systems

Taking a deeper dive into the Body Systems with time and seasons, summer pathways of light.

Module 9—Late Summer/Autumn Pathways

Pathways of the Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas the the autumn pathways of Lungs and Large intestines will be explored along with colors and tones for healing.

Module 10—Winter and Spring Pathways

Sound and color have an incredible impact on balancing the body and emotions when understanding the impact subconscious memory has on the body systems.