Hi Welcome to the Quantum Therapeutic Technologies page! Following I will be offering videos and explanations of the technologies we have at Open Heart Life as well as the technologies we are planning to offer in the near future. See Practitioner Solex 3rd video.

AO Scan Technology used at Open Heart Life is available for home use. Watch video below and click link to learn more. AO InnerVoice is explained in second video.

shop.solexnation.com/maryo247 to learn of AO Technolgy.

Scroll down the page and learn of microcirculation technology. The wellness technology of the AVACEN is a FDA class 2 cleared device for the relief of pain and other ailments. AVACEN now has 3 CPT Codes your health care practitioner can give you for microcirculation. Contact me after reviewing information. I have had several people who HSA and Insurance covered the cost of this technology.